Working with Amber as my Healthy Edge coach was a natural next step for me. I was ready to embark on a deeper dive in uncovering the beliefs and patterns of behavior that continued to keep me stuck. I knew that this was going to be a transformative process when I shared with Amber that I had a full schedule and wanted to wait until three months later. She lovingly, yet firmly, asked “What will be different with your life and schedule in three months?” She hit the “nail on the head” when she identified a pattern of “busy” that continued to keep me and my health on the bottom of my to-do list! I said “yes” to the partnership with Amber and have been set free in so many unexpected yet welcome ways!

I have found that “progress not perfection” has allowed me to make wise choices and be empowered to take ownership of my health journey from a creator stance rather than as a victim. I have uncovered unhealthy beliefs and patterns of behavior that I’ve had with me since my adolescent years, and have learned to lovingly embrace my inner child while making choices now as a wise, capable and resourceful adult. I am more aware of my physical body and the connection between my mind, body and spirit, allowing me to become more integrated and whole. I also learned that clean eating can be fast, easy and fun!

The basics that Amber teaches, the resources and recipes she provides, the encouragement and hand-holding she offered through some tough coaching calls, and the “one-liners” have all become sources of inspiration, challenge, discipline and support for me. I am forever grateful for Amber’s willingness to go to the “deep end” and for the continued healthy “me” that is emerging. I am continuing to leverage the information, insight and tools I have gained in working with Amber and look forward to finding my version of “Healthy Edge”. From here, anything is possible as I create, dream and become ALL that I am meant to be!

~ Shannon, Healthy Edge Graduate

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At the age of 25 I was overweight and had borderline high blood pressure. After having my son 3 years ago, I got "stuck in a rut" with my lifestyle. I didn't think I ate that badly but I didn't have the energy or motivation to do anything.

"I started The Healthy Edge program as I wanted to feel better. I wanted to “shed” weight too, but mainly I was tired of feeling exhausted all of the time even when I was doing nothing." 

Two years ago, I met my first Healthy Edge coach face to face to begin a journey that has taken me places I couldn't even imagine, because I was so clouded by the despair and pain that I was merely existing in.

Even as a seasoned Jazzercise instructor, I struggled with my own weight after gaining 50 pounds after my pregnancies. I was teaching classes 3 to 4 times a week but still stuck and unable to lose the weight 

"I've only been part of The Healthy Edge for a short while (maybe a year or so) and while I definitely haven't arrived (who has?) and there's much I still want to improve upon, I can clearly recognize that I'm a different person because of you and The Healthy Edge. I don't say that many things are "life-changing," but THE is one of them that gets the "life-changing" label. Not only do I feel less intimidated in the kitchen (I've started trusting myself more and measuring less), but I feel safer in the kitchen. I'm not talking about the running-with-scissors sort of safe, but the sort of safe that empowers me to make smart choices.

Prior to joining THE, I wasn't someone who appeared to be unhealthy by society's standards; however, the internal battle with food, day in and day out, the shame and guilt I carried and sometimes still feel, created unhealthy habits and thought patterns. I honestly get teary-eyed thinking about the mental changes I notice in myself, and am even more emotional when I think about how these changes will affect my children's relationship with food. As a recovering perfectionist, I continue to feel such a relief when you remind us that perfection is the lowest standard we can hold ourselves to. I smile a little bit each time you tell us that there doesn't have to be a party each time we eat. I think of all of the other Healthy Edgers when I'm trying to meet my water goals (social anyone?). And I'm trying my best to incorporate a word I learned from you and think is cute and funny--yummo! Thank you Amber for listening to the Lord and doing what He purposed for you to do. You are changing lives and this life is forever grateful. Oh happy day!"

~ Cat W.

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My beautiful perfect 6 year old son is my reason for everything I'm doing! If I can take care of me I can take care of him and give him tools to succeed in life!! I like everyone have struggled, I've succeeded, I've failed, I've even given up. 

"I began my healthy edge journey by taking the 10 day challenge. I've always paid attention to and cared about eating healthy, but this gave me the push I needed to take it truly seriously. Wow, am I glad I did."

"The Healthy Edge Lifestyle has truly changed my life! I had no idea that I could actually have energy."

"For many, many years a day has not gone by when I did not think about my body image and weight. The feelings that go along with those thoughts have never been positive. "

​​​​​​​Here at The Healthy Edge, we believe that your life is more than gaining and losing weight. We also believe that the only solution to lifelong results in your health and weight is discovering and passionately living a healthy lifestyle that fits your budget, food preferences and schedule. Ownership and creation of YOUR healthy lifestyle is where REAL RESULTS happen. If you are looking for another how-to diet to "do it" for you, this isn't it. Your Healthy Edge journey combines personal responsibility with accountability using the most comprehensive and empowering lifestyle system available.

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"The Healthy Edge Lifestyle is so simple - and believe me I have been on every "diet" that has come around in my 62 years. It is going on 6 months since I started Healthy Edge and I have lost 20 pounds without ever feeling deprived of anything I wanted. I am healthy, I feel great, my family has benefited from the healthy eating and they love every dish I make."
Healthy Edge Graduate, Debi
"The first day Amber started to breath life back into me, was the day I learned about one of her 10 day challenges and decided to join. I had some pretty cool results on the 10-day challenge and I was at a place where I wanted more and needed more for my life and for my family. I had unknowingly started my health journey with this simple declaration. I signed up for a free coaching session with Amber.

I was at a place in my life where I was really aware that I was not the happiest and healthiest version of myself and my two young daughters were watching me and that didn’t feel good. Saying “yes” to The Healthy Edge journey felt like the obvious next step. I started my Healthy Edge journey wanting more for my daughters and have since discovered, I also needed more for me. I have found my strength in their love and my daily inspiration is my desire for a better life for all of us.
I enjoyed every audio, the reflective questions and the videos very much. I learned a lot, re-learned things and enjoyed doing it through Amber’s funny and straight forward deliveries. The best part of my decision was to also commit to one on one coaching sessions with Amber along with a small online group program with five other women.

When meeting with Amber one-on-one, she put the materials under a different light and we were able to dig deeper into where I was struggling and where I was suffocating. Over the course of the 8-session and meetings, I have released about 10 physical pounds and several inches, toned a lot of muscle, began a consistent exercise regiment and had a new variety of healthy go-to foods stocked up in my home. But most importantly, I have come out feeling healthy and strong for the first time in years. I feel positive and have faith in the process of living a Healthy Edge lifestyle with a trust in myself I have never experienced. For the first time since I can remember, I feel like I am enough. I will forever be grateful for Amber and The Healthy Edge program for guiding me down the golden path to my best life."  

~ Jamie, Healthy Edge Graduate

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"I became a mother for the first time in October 2014. While I was so blessed to have been able to carry a healthy and beautiful baby girl, I was left with a body that wasn't familiar to me." 

"To me, being healthy seemed not just HARD, but like something I could never work into my lifestyle." 

"Starting the Healthy Edge has been the most positive thing I have done for myself in years!" 

"I was recently asked, “When is your diet over?” I said it’s not, this is something I will be doing my whole life. Even if I didn’t feel successful today, does not mean that I will stop trying for tomorrow." 

"I have just completed my first 8 weeks of Healthy Edge with health coach Julie Bass and two other dynamic women in our group. I, like most of us have tried every “diet” under the sun including a gastric bypass surgery 9 years ago. I have never learned to really eat so that I am feeding my body what it needs to be healthy. The focus has always been how it looks, not how it feels.
With the Healthy Edge I feel great! But not only has it helped me to be at the size I want, it has helped me to understand the emotional traps I so easily have fallen into. I have a son with a mental illness who has been a recluse in his room for around 20 years. Because I keep healthy food prepared he has been eating a much healthier diet. I have seen a new person evolve in him in the past 6 weeks. He loves the food I have been preparing and he is coming out of his room and actually visits with my husband and myself. He has even left the house to walk the dogs! This may not sound like much but I don’t know this vibrant person with this glorious smile! It brings me to tears what my change in eating has done for him!

I am so thankful to this program that has been laid out before me over the past 8 weeks. Now that I have completed the lessons on getting my emotional eating intact and learning to read labels and eating to nourish my body I am ready to start this journey to a healthy life. Thank you Healthy Edge!"
~ Debi O.

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"I began this program being, what I thought to be, already health conscious and somewhat educated. My goal was not to release much weight, but to improve my skin, mood and energy, for my family and myself." 

"I started The Healthy Edge program as I wanted to feel better. I wanted to “shed” weight too, but mainly I was tired of feeling exhausted all of the time even when I was doing nothing." 

"As a lifelong yo-yo dieter, I can honestly say that the knowledge and POWER I've gained with your program is the only one I'll need for the rest of my life."

"Living a healthy lifestyle allows me to handle all aspects of life so much better than when I was not taking care of myself." 

"When I first heard my friend was putting together a group to do the Healthy Edge with a health coach (Julie Bass), I sort of shrugged it off. After all, like many people, I had tried every kind of diet under the sun. Pretty sure I would have a healthy chunk of the stock market if I had invested all the money I have spent on diets, schemes, gyms, classes, books (OMG the books!) and so on and so on. I was also tired of trying. I have lost and gained the same 50 lbs. over and over again. Every time that it came back (plus some); it would take a big chunk out of my heart. It was horribly depressing and I considered myself to be a failure. I might as well just accept that I’m going to be fat the rest of my life.

I decided to do Amber’s 7 day challenge; it was free after all, nothing to lose! And I found that I really liked what Amber was saying and it seemed like what I needed to hear. So, I decided to join the small group lead by Julie – with two other women. It has turned out to be one of the best decisions I have made in my life. Those messages from Amber every week hit HOME, boy did they ever! There wasn’t one week when I didn’t shed tears. Why? Because I found the truth – in those lessons. For the first time looking at WHY I did things the way I did. Why I made the choices I did and the best part…realizing that I could CHANGE.

I am really very grateful that Julie is my Healthy Edge coach. She is an incredibly empathetic person who is genuine in her quest to help others. I wasn’t sure what the value of having a health coach would really be, but I know now that it’s exactly what I needed. It’s quite apparent to me that I would’ve continued on my same path of eating, of feeling badly about myself, of wanting to give up. With Julie’s support and The Healthy Edge I see a different path!! For the first time in my life maybe!! I am excited about food again, about being active, about living life to the fullest. I have made a lifelong friend in Julie, and I’m so grateful that she is going to be there for me on my journey. And here’s the big revelation that makes me tear up just writing the words…. I GOT THIS. "

~ Sonya, Healthy Edge Graduate

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"Even as a seasoned ballet/jazz dancer, and therapeutic movement instructor, I faced tremendous struggles with my own weight after gaining 50+ pounds after an accident."

"I was 40 years old, teaching 5+ hours of fitness classes a week and personal training as my career. I was and always have been “FIT”. However…I was not very healthy."

"Everyone who knows me knows that I love Jazzercise. I love seeing people reach their goals, get more toned and get great test results back at the doctor’s office. But many people will say: “Jazzercise just doesn’t work for me because I’m not losing weight.” Well, it is about so much more than just exercise. If you’re outeating your exercise plan, nothing will work for you! Not cross training, running or Jazzercise. The Healthy Edge is an amazing lifestyle program that will help you get your priorities right. It is not a diet; it is not a pill you can swallow. You will not see results overnight. But you will feel better, be healthier, learn so much about yourself and release some extra weight that you’ve accumulated. And if you’re looking to improve your cardiovascular system and get more toned, Jazzercise can help with that."

~ Mirjam, Arizona
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