The Healthy Edge Lifestyle Program for Women
It's Time For You To:
  •  Regain Your Energy & Mental Clarity
  •  Overcome Self-Sabotage & Laziness
  •  Learn How To Eat For Energy & Results
  •  End Emotional & Stress Eating
... Never Diet Again.
Give Yourself The Gift of Health, Freedom and Results
 Lifestyle  Program for Women with Health Coaching
Heal Your Relationship With Food.
Love Your Body.
Live Free.
In The Healthy Edge program, discover how to:
  • food prep in less than 2-hours for the week.
  • properly eat and hydrate throughout the day for a fast metabolism, unstoppable energy and mental clarity. 
  • increase the fat burning and muscle building potential of your workouts.
  • identify whether a food is healthy or not by the ingredient list and identify the top 10 worse food additives negatively impacting your health and results.
  • manage stress effectively. 
  • stay on track at work and when you eat out.
  • stop self-sabotaging your results through emotional eating, binging and fad dieting.
  • embrace support and accountability so you don't quit!
The Healthy Edge Lifestyle Program Includes
The Healthy Edge Home Kit
Getting Started Right Guidebook - step-by-step guidance on how to create a foundation for creating and living a healthy lifestyle. 

The Healthy Edge Cookbook - over 90 simple, whole food recipes proving healthy can be delicious AND fast. 

Wellness Tracker - track and hold yourself accountable to The Five Healthy Edge Daily goals and other daily habits that create the foundation of your health lifestyle. 
Online Course & Recipes
Each course includes 1) an short introductory video from Amber Thiel, CEO. 2) an empowering audio on mindset training and recreating your relationship with food and your body 3) an informational video about the health topic of the week and 4) downloadable notes and handouts. 

You also receive access to 300+ recipes as well as additional support videos, audios and downloads within this online resource library. 

A weekly newsletter is sent every Monday with health tips, a recipe and a recap from the Facebook group posts to all of our Healthy Edge clients.
Personal Health Coach
Most of our clients struggle to "stay on track" or "stay motivated" for long periods of time. This is why they have been unable to get and keep results. Healthy Edge coaches are professionally trained to help you overcome your excuses, hold you accountable to what you say you want and release you from unhealthy patterns keeping your stuck.

If you have tried over and over again and failed to get or keep results, it's time to get the support, accountability, education and breakthrough required for lifelong results. 

Monthly Food Prep Workshops
One of the biggest excuses we hear from our new Healthy Edge clients, is not having enough time to prepare for the week or not knowing WHAT to prepare. We support you in overcoming this excuse by hosting a NEW online food prep workshop every month. You will be provided a menu, grocery & pantry list and recipes.

On the live online workshop, you will prep the full menu in less than two hours by following along with Amber from the comfort of your own kitchen. If you can't attend live, you can access the recording of the workshop within your online account. You will also have access to all of the previous food prep workshops! 
Supportive Online Community
Get even more support, ideas and empowerment within our online community on Facebook. CEO, Amber Thiel and The Healthy Edge coach community interact on this group daily with inspiration and ideas for healthy living. You will also meet other women taking The Healthy Edge journey. Enjoy the daily posts from CEO, Amber Thiel and use this group to share your victories, get support when you are struggling or ask questions. 
What Our Clients Have to Stay
I have just completed the 8-course program from The Healthy Edge with my health coach, Julie. I have tried every “diet” under the sun including a gastric bypass surgery 9 years ago. I have never learned to really eat so that I am feeding my body what it needs to be healthy. The focus has always been how it looks, not how it feels.
With The Healthy Edge I feel great! But not only has it helped me to be at the size I want, it has helped me to understand the emotional traps I have so easily fallen into in the past. 

I have a son with a mental illness who has been a recluse in his room for around 20 years. Because I keep healthy food prepared, he has been eating much healthier. I have seen a new person evolve in him in the past 6 weeks. He loves the food I have been preparing and he is coming out of his room and actually visits with my husband and myself. He has even left the house to walk the dogs! This may not sound like much but I don’t know this vibrant person with this glorious smile! It brings me to tears what my change in eating has done for him!
I am so thankful to this program that has been laid out before me over the past 8 weeks. Now that I have completed course and have my emotional eating in check, I know how to read labels and how to nourish my body - I am ready to continue on this journey to a healthy life. Thank you Healthy Edge!

"I began my Healthy Edge journey after 4 years of telling myself that my body would always be this way due to an auto immune diagnosis. After I was diagnosed and treated I accepted the weight gain; telling myself I was stuck with this body to move on, but was resentful and angry about it. The journey has taught me that I often hurt myself with the foods and wine I CHOOSE and blaming my spouse. I thought I knew about healthy eating, but this program has taught me the truth and retrained some false beliefs I had about what is healthy. I am so glad I did the 8 week program. I noticed an immediate change in my energy, how my clothes fit, and my mindset.
My Healthy Edge Coach, Stacey, has been a major support during this journey. I immediately felt comfortable opening up to the entire process with her. She has been encouraging, often texting or emailing right when I needed it. Along with this she introduced me to her community of Healthy Edgers and they became a part of my community of support. I was lucky to join with two of my friends Amy and Vicki who have been my daily motivation and have pulled me through nights when I wanted to get off course.
At the start of my journey I hit the coursework hard and was very dedicated. About week 5 I started to struggle with this new lifestyle. But as my support encouraged me, I worked my way through what was going on inside me and re-calibrated. The best gift I take from this program is my knowledge about food and my body. I have great boundaries; I know how to set up a successful environment for myself and will never stop drinking WATER. I drank a lot of water before, but this increase has been important to my success. I believe in the importance of water (I purchased water bottles for my family for Christmas).
I have truly redeveloped myself and look forward to continuing with the Healthy Edge Community locally and online to continue to grow in these things that have impacted my well being, self worth, my relationships, and my work with my clients. I am now in control of me and am embracing progress, not perfection."

Message from CEO, Amber Thiel
"Here's a little perspective that has supported me in overcoming my diet obsession to truly transition into a lifestyle. Most people resist discipline. They tell themselves they are not disciplined. They think discipline means rigid, boring, no fun, etc. But here's the truth. If you get results without building discipline, you will be unable to keep the results. The journey to a healthy lifestyle and amazing emotional and physical health requires us to build up the discipline needed to hold on to the results we create.

A diet does exactly the opposite. It tempts us with the results without building in the discipline required to keep the results. And the diet/quick fix mentality fits into our culture of instant gratification and looking for an easy way out. There is no easy way out. If there was, Oprah would be a size two.

We all know the reality of where diets takes us both physically and emotionally. I care about you way TOO much to take you down a path that will eventually lead right back to where you currently are. That's not an option. Personally, I choose to look at discipline as the source of my fruitfulness. It is what leads me to my amazing health, outstanding marriage and my close walk with God. It is what gives me all the gifts I have in my life. A lack of discipline feels good in the moment but always ends up taking us to a place filled with guilt, regret and shame that if left unchecked will lead to hopelessness. Stop the insanity of this cycle now! The quality of your life depends on it. Choose to embrace discipline as a source of power to achieve anything you want in life. 

I hope you decide to take YOUR Healthy Edge journey and live the abundant life you were created to live! Please contact your Healthy Edge coach and let them know you are ready to take your next step!"
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