Online Food Prep & Pep Talk
Prepare for your week in less than 2-hours
Workshop Leader, Amber Thiel
CEO and Creator , The Healthy Edge
Health and Fitness Expert
Fitness Instructor
Lover of Jesus
Author and Speaker
Mommy of 2-year old, Berlyn
Ladies, it's time to love yourself. Seriously. We have too many people depending on us to not be fully present, energized, at peace and full of joy. Every day we walk around in our bodies and most of us hate ourselves (or at least how we look). No more. It's time for a new season of learning to walk in love and acceptance of ourselves so the next generation can do the same. Let me guide you and show you how to take some first steps!

Join me for 2-hours of LOVE, inspiration, education and fun (yes, ladies this is fun!) during this month's interactive food prep workshop.

It's easy as 1-2-3.
1. Register and receive your grocery list and recipes.
2. Shop for the items you do not have.
3. Follow (on your computer or phone) with the recorded food prep workshop at your convenience.

There is no thinking required! I tell you what to do, when to do it and am even your own personal timer! All the hard work is done for you, so no excuses. You deserve this. You can do it.

$49 Value - Only $19
Here's What You Get:
  •  One-hour interactive and follow along workshop with Amber.
  •  Downloadable and printable grocery list with everything you need to complete the workshop.
  •  Downloadable and printable recipes.
  •  Lifetime access to the recording and materials for the workshop.
  •  Salsa, Smoothie and Nutbar recipe cards mailed to you
  •  2-hour interactive and follow along workshop with Amber.
  •  Downloadable and printable grocery list with everything you need to complete the workshop.
  •  Downloadable and printable recipes.
  •   Lifetime access to the recording and materials for the workshop.
  •  Salsa, Smoothie and Nutbar recipe cards mailed to you!
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What's On The Menu?
These versatile recipes will allow you many options for breakfast, dinner and lunch throughout the week. Amber will explain a variety of ways to enjoy these in combination with each other and other ingredients to keep things exciting and fresh. Here is this month's food prep menu!
  •  Coconut Curry Chicken w/ Vegetables
  •  Easy Lentils & Edamame with Avocado
  •  Black Bean Tofu Burgers
  •  Chickpea, Edamame and Basil Salad
  •  Dijon roasted vegetables
  •  Brown rice or quinoa

  •  Coconut Curry Chicken w/ Vegetables
  •  Easy Lentils & Edamame w/ Avocado
  •  Black Bean Tofu Burgers
  •  Chickpea, Edamame and Basil Salad
  •  Dijon Roasted Vegetables
  •  Brown rice or Quinoa

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The Details 
Here is a detailed description of everything included beyond the menu, grocery list, live (or recorded) workshop and recording. All of these are included for only $19.   
Recording of Workshop and Recipes
A link to the recording of this workshop will be sent to you within 24 hours of the recorded webinar. If you purchased after the LIVE webinar, you will receive the link upon purchase. Enjoy this recording over and over again as you keep your food prep quick and efficient. You will also be provided PDF downloads of the recipes from the food prep workshop. 
Recipe Q Cards
Use these convenient cards to whip up a delicious smoothie, a satisfying Nut Bar or some refreshing Salsa. Simply choose your ingredient in each step and blend.

You will receive 2 Q-Cards: Smoothie and Nut bars (on one card) and Salsa including a savory and sweet option on opposite sides.
Food Prep Workshop
Join Amber Thiel, LIVE, from your own kitchen as you follow along and prep the recipes with Amber. Amber will provide tips, inspiration and education throughout the two-hour workshop making this not only fun, but a learning experience. 

This workshop is interactive! Questions and feedback are welcomed. 

This option to join me for the LIVE workshop is not available after March 23rd, but the recording will be sent to you if you purchase after this date.
What Are People Saying?
Once again fantastic workshop, thanks! Extra fun being on the live this time. I was worried I would not be able to pause but being able to ask questions in real time totally made up for it and enhanced the experience I feel. We had a batch of the simple guacamole last week and it was worked out great so I think I’ll keep doing a batch weekly. - Aymee

"I cannot believe how much food we prepared in less than two hours. This is something I now believe I can duplicate every week to set myself and my family up to win! "  - Tina
"Amber is so entertaining, I couldn't believe I was having so much fun food prepping. This is so much better than doing it alone and I learned how to be so much more efficient." - Marty
"This is such a great idea. I loved that I was able to ask questions and Amber gave so much great information beyond just recipes. I can't wait for the next one!" - Pat
"Amber rocks. I was dashing around like a mad-woman keeping up with her and it truly paid off. My refrigerator was stocked and I was done in less than two hours. So cool."  - Kerri
"I love the time this has freed up for me during the week. What a relief to not feel pressured to cook dinner or feel tempted to eat out. I seriously love how empowered I feel." - Marcia
"My husband was so excited to have so much food and so many options for the week, I HAVE to continue to attend these workshops to keep it fresh and keep my man happy. Thank you Healthy Edge!" - Kim