"In My First Year I Increased My Business By 45%." - Healthy Edge Coach Erica
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Fitness businesses lose thousands of dollars (and sometimes their businesses) to the 5 mistakes you’ll learn about in the 5-Step Fitness Business Blueprint. We don’t want you to lose another penny to these easily preventable mistakes.
In this series, you will learn:
  • Five factors to creating a successful fitness business.
  • How to get more clients, earn more profit, and do it in less time.
  • How to double your revenue in the next 4-6 months.
  • Proven strategies to avoid making mistakes that cost you time, money and clients.
  • Tips that will decrease stress and increase joy for what you do. 
About The Author
Hi, I’m Amber Thiel, and together with my team, we can help you build a thriving business by sharing with you our Health Coach and Lifestyle Systems.
If you’re anything like us, we had plenty of training to help become excellent fitness professionals, but when it came to a healthy business…well, let’s just say we didn’t open our doors that first morning to a crowd of ideal clients raring to pay us. Just like there are things that your clients have to do if they want to be healthy, there are things you have to do if you want a thriving business. And we can help.

You see, we left behind those days of barely making rent and wondering where the next client would come from. Today our businesses are healthy. Plus we have a long list of other fitness professionals that successfully use our systems to increase the lifetime value of their current clients and to distinguish themselves from the competition when the prospective ideal client needs to make a decision on what contract to sign.

Our proven professional systems helps fitness experts provide comprehensive lifestyle and coaching support that encompasses every need their clients have to reach their goals.

To show you we’re seriously committed to your success, we are offering 25 free 45-minute business audits.
Plus, you’ll get our FREE 5-Step Fitness Business Blueprint!

Learn how to have more freedom, make more money and help more people!

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  • Even as a seasoned Jazzercise instructor, I struggled with my own weight after gaining 50 pounds after my pregnancies. I was teaching classes 3 to 4 times a week but still stuck and unable to lose the weight – frustrating is an understatement! One day I was snowed in and found The Healthy Edge system while searching online.

    WOW! There it was, a professional and comprehensive system complete with nutrition education, mindset training, health coaching, stress management, recipes…I couldn’t believe it! Not only was I excited for my own journey (you can see my before and after picture), I thought, “If I were going to help my own clients to get healthy and lose weight, this is how I would want to do it. So I decided to join The Healthy Edge team and leverage their incredible systems to do just that. I have increased the lifetime value of my clients by 70%.

    ~ Healthy Edge Coach Kimberly
  • I was 42 years old and my career was teaching fitness classes and personal training when a conversation with Amber changed my life. I was at a place where I needed to find a way to continue to grow my training business but also take care of my own body which was feeling the pangs of my career. On top of that, although I have always felt confident I could get my clients get stronger, more flexible and minimize their pain, weight loss was a more challenging and frustrating endeavor, but it’s what my clients really wanted.

    I decided to work smarter, not harder and I expanded my business and offerings by adding The Healthy Edge system. I am using my health coach certification and the done-for-you tools offered by The Healthy Edge to facilitated quarterly group lifestyle programs. This is not only bringing added value and phenomenal results to my personal training clients, but in my first year I increased my business by 45%." 

    ~ Healthy Edge Coach Erica
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