"The Healthy Edge Lifestyle is so simple - and believe me I have been on every "diet" that has come around in my 62 years. It is going on 6 months since I started Healthy Edge and I have lost 20 pounds without ever feeling deprived of anything I wanted. I am healthy, I feel great, my family has benefited from the healthy eating and they love every dish I make."
Healthy Edge Graduate, Debi
The Healthy Edge Is For Women Ready To Be Free From Diets, The Scale, Calories, Restriction and Guilt.

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It's been about 4 years now since I learned about eating, thinking and living The Healthy Edge Way.  My knees and hips thank you too!  I, like most women, have tried every “diet” under the sun including a gastric bypass surgery over ten years ago. I had never learned to really eat to feed my body what it needs to be healthy. The focus had always been how it looks, not how it feels. Living The Healthy Edge, I feel great! Not only has it helped me to be the size I want, it has helped me to understand the emotional traps I so easily have fallen into. I have a son with a mental illness who has been a recluse in his room for around 20 years. Because I keep healthy food prepared, he has been eating a much healthier diet. I have seen a new person evolve in him because of my journey. He loves the food I have been preparing and he is coming out of his room and actually visits with my husband and myself. He has even left the house to walk the dogs! This may not sound like much but I don’t know this vibrant person with this glorious smile! It brings me to tears what my change in eating has done for him! I am forever healthy and grateful to Amber and The Healthy Edge family!

If you are done with diets and ready to dive beneath the food and the scale to uncover what continues to drive you into self-sabotage, obsession and failure, take this step. 

Amber is a sought after health coach, speaker and mentor. She opens her schedule up for a limited number of free coaching sessions each month. Click HERE to say yes to this incredible gift! Only one session per person please.

Food prep does not have to take hours and hours to research, plan and execute. Amber has made it so simple, it will transform how you live and eat. The menus are already designed along with grocery and pantry lists and the downloadable recipes. All you have to do is shop for the items you don't have and follow-along with the video. This is a feature of theAll-Access Membership and includes an archive or over three year's worth of workshops waiting for you!

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Most people will only tell you want you want to hear and sugar coat it. But do you need to hear it straight? It's time to get over the fickle feelings and deceptive lies holding you back from your healing and breakthrough. Each Straight Talk is delivered with love and honesty with the intention confront and move through frustration, failure, low-self-worth, anxiety, depression and overwhelm. Enjoy this sneak peak of one of Amber's talks above.  This is a feature of the All-Access Membership. 

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I use to carry 55 pounds of extra weight on my body. I thought that unless I could be skinny I wouldn't be beautiful, I wouldn't be worthy and I wouldn't be loved. It hurt living in a body I wanted to love so much but was never taught how to do that. Finding The Healthy Edge was a huge addition to my ongoing and lifelong health journey. One of the most important tools for my journey has been to be around others who know my struggle and want me to succeed. I've never felt stronger and never looked better as an adult woman! I meal prep, I can do handstands, I can run, I can climb stairs, my heart and lung strength is so good I have to push myself REALLY hard to get a good sweat and breathe hard. I can hike, I can work my active job, I can climb at playgrounds with my son and I can barely hold a weight that's as much as I've lost and used to carry on my body everyday! I look forward to seeing just how far I still have to go in this journey. The road already has brought me to so many people who I can't imagine living without. I have the love and support of Amber and the women of The Healthy Edge community behind me cheering me on and so many people looking up to me I couldn't possibly give up now! Don''t just add years to your life, add life to your years!

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 Message from Amber

"I'm done living in obsession, shame and guilt while waiting for my happiness and confidence on the other side of a number on the scale. Ladies, this life is not about achieving the thinnest version of ourselves so we can finally pursue the abundant life we imagine awaits for us somewhere in the future when we are closer to perfect. 

I have been on my Healthy Edge journey for over fifteen years now. I live free from the scale. I never count a calorie. I no longer need food or alcohol to escape from the disappointments, numb the heartaches or check-out from life. But my freedom didn't come without struggle and resistance. Growth and breakthrough are not for the faint of heart. However, every day when I wake up full of peace, joy and boundless energy, I am so grateful I chose to pursue the abundant life God created me for. In my weakness, I found He is my strength. 

It's time to renew your mind, get a fresh perspective, reconcile your past wounds and be okay not achieving perfection on this side of eternity. It's time love yourself healthy! I would be honored to be part of your journey."

Read Amber's full story here.

  About Amber Caulk

Amber's background includes being a professor of Human Nutrition and Wellness, collegiate athlete and coach, author, speaker, health coach, mentor, personal trainer, fitness instructor and CEO of The Healthy Edge. She has overcome depression, anxiety, rejection, betrayal, loss, bulimia and low self-worth to become an example and inspiration to other women who desire to love themselves from the inside-out despite what they have done or has been done to them. Her faith in Jesus Christ is the fuel for her passion to lead other women to deliverance!  If you need some support to find your way in your health journey, click here for a free coaching session with Amber.  

Amber lives in Bothell, Washington with her husband, Cory, a courageous firefighter. She is mommy to Berlyn Grace and bonus mom to Hudson, Gavin, Vance and Liam. 


I can clearly recognize that I'm a different person because of Amber and The Healthy Edge. I don't say that many things are "life-changing," but THE is one of them that gets the "life-changing" label. Prior to joining THE, I wasn't someone who appeared to be unhealthy by society's standards; however, the internal battle with food, day in and day out, the shame and guilt I carried and sometimes still feel, created unhealthy habits and thought patterns. I honestly get teary-eyed thinking about the mental changes I notice in myself, and am even more emotional when I think about how these changes will affect my children's relationship with food. As a recovering perfectionist, I continue to feel such a relief when you remind us that perfection is the lowest standard we can hold ourselves to. Thank you Amber for listening to the Lord and doing what He purposed for you to do. You are changing lives and this life is forever grateful."